How Can Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine Help You?
Philadelphia’s Most-Trusted Acupuncture Clinic
How Can Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine Help You?
Philadelphia’s Most-Trusted Acupuncture Clinic
How Can Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine Help You?
Philadelphia’s Most-Trusted Acupuncture Clinic
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Your First Visit: What to Expect/FAQs

How to dress appropriately for an acupuncture visit: 

There is no need to specially prepare for an acupuncture visit.  If needed, our clinic has gowns, towels and sarongs for people to wear.  Many people arrive to acupuncture in business suits or work attire.  Some people do prefer to bring shorts or loose fitting clothes to their session, which is absolutely okay. Whatever is most comfortable for you is great as far as we are concerned. 

Does Acupuncture hurt?

We have successfully treated even the most needle-sensitive patients.  In all cases, we take great care in using only the most gentle needling technique, so that each person’s experience at our clinic is as pleasant as possible.  In cases where someone is very worried about the needle sensation, we can use pediatric needles to ensure the gentlest possible insertion.  

In the vast majority of cases, patients do not report pain upon needle insertion and often even express surprise that they ‘didn’t even feel anything’ upon insertion.  Sometimes, patients do report slight pinching sensations with insertion.  

Once needles are in place, there is vast variability in terms of sensations reported during acupuncture sessions.  Some report feeling heaviness, lightness, subtle movements, vibration, etc.  There are no sensations that are right or wrong.  

We do our absolute best to ensure that everyone is as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process.

How long do sessions last?

Initial acupuncture sessions last roughly 70-90 minutes.  

Follow-up acupuncture sessions last 30-60 minutes (if people are in a time crunch and would like to leave early, we suggest a minimum needle retention time of 20 minutes.  Many people feel very relaxed during acupuncture, however, and prefer to stay for the entire 60 minutes). 

Initial Herbal Medicine Consults last 45 minutes.   Follow-up Herbal Medicine Consults last 20-30 minutes. 

Initial stationary Cupping sessions last 45 minutes (30 minutes with cups on).  Follow-up Cupping sessions last 30 minutes.

Initial Gua Sha/scraping sessions last 30-45 minutes (10-20 minutes of Gua Sha/scraping).

What should I do after acupuncture?

We usually suggest extra hydration- water or pure coconut water (non-sugar) for 48 hours after an acupuncture session to help flush out any possible ‘endotoxins’ that might have been released into the bloodstream during a session, such as lactic acid (this is good thing to get these out of the system and extra hydration helps accomplish this).

We also suggest rest, if possible, after a session.  This does not mean that you can’t go to work – or go back to work or other activities after acupuncture- it just means that one is likely to get the full effect of the treatment if they do not go out and do very strenuous workouts after acupuncture.  Extra rest or a extra sleep after a session is great, but not mandatory.  Just try not to run a marathon after your session, if possible.

How long will it take for the effects of acupuncture to kick in?

We often notice that people feel better on the table during and right after a treatment.  In some cases, people feel better the next morning after a good night’s sleep.  Less commonly, we notice that people feel the most effect two days after a treatment- or even 3 days after in rare instances.  

In other words, it can take 0-3 days to feel the full extent of the benefit of the treatment.  This timeframe variability really depends on the present condition of the patient, the severity and type of the condition being treated, the acupuncture style/technique utilized during the treatment, etc.  Please try to get adequate sleep the night after a treatment and the following night as well, if possible.










Dr. Aaron Cashman
Dr. Aaron Cashman
Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist
(DAOM, L.OM., M.S., DiplOM, CYT)