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Healing Naturally with Acupuncture, Herbs & Massage
Philadelphia’s Most-Trusted Acupuncture Clinic
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Healing Naturally with Acupuncture, Herbs & Massage
Philadelphia’s Most-Trusted Acupuncture Clinic
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Healing Naturally with Acupuncture, Herbs & Massage
Philadelphia’s Most-Trusted Acupuncture Clinic
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Image Slider 1 - Bonsai
Healing Naturally with Acupuncture, Herbs & Massage
Philadelphia’s Most-Trusted Acupuncture Clinic
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Healing Naturally with Acupuncture, Herbs & Massage
Philadelphia’s Most-Trusted Acupuncture Clinic
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Healing Naturally with Acupuncture, Herbs & Massage
Philadelphia’s Most-Trusted Acupuncture Clinic
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Listed below are a few testimonials received for our clinic, Phila Mind-Body Acupuncture. To read more, please visit our Yelp or Google pages by clicking the icons at the bottom of this page.

Fertility & Women’s Health: 

“Aaron is by far the best acupuncturist I have ever seen. I’ve been in acupuncture treatment for 10 years on and off. Aaron has a rare gift for zeroing in on problem spots and treating them quickly and effectively. His doctoral training has well prepared him, but Aaron has an instinctive sense that cannot be taught. I first started going to Philadelphia Mind-Body two years ago for fertility treatment while undergoing IVF. Aaron helped me achieve results far superior to the first cycle we did without acupuncture. The proof is in the pudding: I welcomed my daughter this January. I recommend Aaron with the greatest enthusiasm. He is an acupuncture marvel!”
Bridget (yelp)

“Aaron was highly recommended to me by a friend after I had been struggling with chronic migraines and fertility issues as a result of PCOS for a little over two years. I had tried multiple medications for my migraines as well as nerve block injections and wasn’t getting any relief. I had also undergone 6 cycles of Clomid/IUI in the hopes of getting pregnant and was told my next step should be In Vitro Fertilization. I was feeling frustrated and ready to try something different.
From the moment I started seeing Aaron I felt that I was in great hands. He took so much time to get to know me and really understand what I was struggling with. He has been invested from the very beginning in helping me and each week would review where I was at when we last met and discuss the plan for our next session. I was blown away at how attentive he was, especially after feeling like the Doctors I was seeing couldn’t remember anything about my history and would rush me out of their offices. If after a few weeks of trying certain treatments I wasn’t seeing any improvement, Aaron would be ready with a new plan/course of treatment when I arrived at my next appointment. As a result of his kindness and compassion, I felt comfortable enough to share with Aaron that I was struggling with depression and he was able to assist with that as well. He was able to suggest some herbal supplements that have been very helpful.
Long story short, I cannot say enough good things about Aaron and my experience at Philadelphia Mind-Body Acupuncture. My migraines have reduced dramatically and I am no longer taker ANY medication for them and after 9 months of seeing Aaron I found out that I was pregnant and had conceived naturally despite being told that I most likely would not be able to. I have a beautiful 4 week old son and Aaron is a part of that story.”
Kate (yelp)


“I am pleased to offer my very highest recommendation for this practice. Aaron is a very caring, compassionate, patient and skilled professional. His services have been very effective in relieving pain and discomfort from a long history of osteoarthritis in my lower back that had been treated surgically, multiple cortisone injections and medication. Since starting acupuncture with Aaron I have had greatly reduced pain without any medication. I have to add that I was very skeptical about acupuncture and doubted it would do anything. From the first treatment I felt a flow of something moving through my body and that has continued with each treatment. It’s been a great success for me. Thank you Aaron!”
Bill (yelp)

“I have had many years of sciatica pain, 3 epidurals, and many injections, pain meds, and had no relief. My husband suggested acupuncture, did some research and finally decided to go. What could it hurt, right??
After the procedure, I still had pain. But, the next day the pain wasn’t as bad. By day 3, I had 0 pain. I was able to walk, sleep, sit, stand, and do normal every day things with no pain. I highly recommend acupuncture. It’s been almost 1 year since the procedure and I still feel great!!
Thank you for helping me have a normal life! I will always recommend you. ”

Donna (google)

“I can’t begin to say enough about my overwhelming positive experience with Aaron at Philadelphia Mind-Body Acupuncture.
Prior to my visit, I had been suffering from chronic “student neck” for the past year. I happened to be having a particularly acute and debilitating flare which left me with minimal range of motion in my neck. I reached out to Aaron’s office after desperately searching for someone in the Philly area who did acupuncture and dry needling (as I’ve had relief this way in the past).
Aaron managed to fit me in that same night! He was extremely professional and very knowledgeable about alternative pain relief methods – which he utilized to immediately mitigate the severity of my symptoms. He truly went above and beyond to ensure I walked away from the session feeling relief. I can honestly say my entire body and neck hadn’t felt that good in years! The relief I experienced really lasted and I will absolutely return for maintenance. Highly recommend for those in chronic or acute pain seeking lasting relief!”
Katie (yelp)

“Amazing! I threw my back out to the point where I couldn’t even move. It took two days till I was back on my feet, but the pain was still strong.
I called around to several acupuncture offices and Aaron Cashman stood out. He had extended studies in Asia for 5 years where acupuncture was originated + all his reviews are positive. Cashman evaluated all of my stress, pain, and gave me ways to over come these issues beyond his office. I didn’t feel the needles that much, but I did feel the release of pain. The Suction cups topped off the therapy. My back feels a lot better. Overall, this was a great experience, and I would definitely be coming back.”
Brandon (yelp)

“Aaron Cashman is incredible! He’s super nice, very knowledgeable, professional and has great passion for acupuncture and oriental medicine.
I’ve been a massage therapist for almost 12 years and always knew about acupuncture, but never felt a need to give it a go until recently. I booked three sessions with him to address multiple issues. First, and foremost, I was having trouble with my left thumb (something that could very well cost me my career). I had injured it as a child and it was always weaker due to that. It had been hurting non-stop for months and I worried I’d have to find a new career. Second, I’d been feeling ‘stagnant’ and had an uncharacteristic lack of energy. Third, my knees and quads were giving me problems when trying to exercise or even walk up or down stairs. Fourth, I had sustained a back injury years ago that every once in a while causes my back to spasm.
During the first session, he addressed my thumb as well as my lack of energy and knees. The very next day was nothing short of miraculous! My thumb was at least 80% better. I was able to do deep tissue massages with almost no discomfort. I had so much more energy than I’d felt in the past few months (I felt more like my typical, high-energy self), and was able complete a full workout with ease.
For the second session, he addressed my thumb again, my back and my knees. The next day, my thumb felt 100% better (I still have no issues with it), my knees felt even better than before and my back was still in pain, but had stopped trying to spasm.
In the third session, he focused on my energy, knees, quads and IT bands. The next day, I had no trouble running 3.5 miles nonstop on the treadmill and walking up and down stairs.
It’s been a couple weeks since my last session and I still feel great! I’ve been recommending him to everyone and anyone I talk with about acupuncture. He’s truly amazing and I look forward to booking more sessions and continuing to heal.”
Angela (yelp)

“Without a doubt, Aaron is amazing. I came to him with major back, neck and shoulder problems from a car accident that would not heal after months of chiropractic and PT care. In one session, Aaron was able to get me back on track and I haven’t felt better in years.
Aaron’s care and his skills are top notch. He listens and is more attentive to the needs of his patients than almost any doctor I have ever been to. His follow-up is extraordinary. I feel like I’m not just a number, but am a patient that he is invested in – and that is a rare quality.
Philadelphia Mind-Body Acupuncture is so wonderful that I travel down from NYC just to be treated by Aaron and will continue to do so for as long as he is in the Philadelphia area. Go see him!”
Larry (yelp)

“I’ve been coming here since the beginning of the hear and I figured it was probably time for me to leave a review. I’ve recommended Aaron to one of my friends from the gym and just recommended a coworker so I thought it was time to check in on Yelp.
Bottom line, Aaron is fantastic. Really friendly, really engaging. I first came to his office after I had a serious back injury weightlifting. I was in excruciating pain every day for about a month and a half before I had exhausted all other treatment options (chiropractor, physical therapy, MD, etc.). After one session with Aaron I was 99% better. After a few more sessions I was 99.99% better. I continued to come back in the following months occasionally as my back flared up from lifting again. Recently, I had the labrum in my hip surgically repaired (I know, I have a lot of injuries) and I’m seeing Aaron to get some mobility back in the joint.
I really was not sure if acupuncture was legit before I came in, but now I wouldn’t go anywhere else if I had a musculoskeletal issue. Seriously, save yourself some time and skip the chiropractor and MDs, and give this place a try.”
Dan (yelp)

“I have been seeing Aaron for a while now. I came in with debilitating back pain and within a few sessions of figuring out what points relieved the most pain – i was able to go back to normal daily life. He is a GREAT doctor and listener and is always very thorough about my health and what’s going on in my life that could be effecting it. He has begun treating me for other conditions as well such as anxiety and migraines. Every time i walk out of his office i feel refreshed and more relaxed then when i went in. For me, the effects last about a week (effects will vary depending on person, issue, etc). He is very flexible with appointment hours and works with you to fit your schedule. He is a extremely skilled acupuncturist and I trust him 100% and have never had an issue – I always see an improvement after receiving acupuncture from him!”
Dana (yelp)

“I had been suffering from debilitating knee pain and fatigue for years. Doctors tried to feed me pain meds and antidepressants for my “nonspecific anxiety,” but couldn’t offer any solutions to actually treat my problem.
I had all but given up until my friend recommended Aaron for acupuncture. He had helped her with her back pain and depression, and she told me that Aaron was trained in China and is really easy to talk to. That’s important to me because I always have a hard time opening up to doctors (when they choose to listen at all).
Aaron’s office is at a perfect location and I felt totally at ease when I walked in. And like my friend said, he’s an extremely nice man and for the first time, a medical professional took time to listen to me. When we finished the intake, he explained that my knee pain was related to my fatigue and told me the Chinese medicine strategies that he’d use to “open my channels.” He really took the time to explain acupuncture to me because before this I really had no idea.
He put a few needles in my arms and legs (it didn’t hurt at all), and I just about fell asleep. When I woke up and sat up I was amazed that 75-80% of my knee pain was gone! And even more amazingly, I slept like a baby that night!
Aaron has a true gift and I’m recommending it to everyone I talk to who has pain, anxiety, or any weird health problems that doctors can’t seem to deal with.
I HIGHLY recommend seeing him!”

Ken (yelp)

“I’ve only been once so far but I am sold. Aaron is incredibly kind, knowledgeable, thorough, and attentive. His passion for what he does radiates when you meet him and immediately puts you at ease. He has a calming and warm presence that allows you to relax and open up before he even puts the first needle in! His office is in a great location and upon entering I was offered tea and a comfortable chair. I received the acupuncture and cupping which provided much needed relief for back pain. Aside from the wonderful treatment during my visit, Aaron provided me with very comprehensive instructions and advice to help mitigate my pain. He truly cares about his patient and knows what he is doing. He has traveled extensively and possesses a wealth of knowledge. I recommend him to anyone new or veteran. He’s great for any new person to acupuncture and refreshing for those more experienced in the treatment.”
Alissa (yelp)

“Aaron is great. I see Aaron for sports related injuries. I’m a triathlete with bad knees. I’ve seen Aaron for pre and post race treatment. Cupping helped my performance on race day and acupuncture after the race left me less sore. He has been very helpful with pain management.”
MP (yelp)

“So happy to have found this place. I’ve a herniated disc and sciatica and have been struggling to find relief…. After one session here I experienced a noticeable difference. Extremely professional and thorough service. Can’t wait to return and get regular visits going.”
Jemma (yelp)

Digestive Conditions, Internal Medicine, Stress/Anxiety:

“For several years now, I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Aaron and taking herbal medicinal formulas he has prescribed. Aaron is a thorough listener, a skillful practitioner and a truly compassionate human being.
More importantly, his treatments are exceptionally effective. I often get treatments when I feel ‘stuck’ or agitated in some way and I can’t seem to shake it. Aaron’s treatments inevitably – every time in fact – bring me back to a place where I am able to let go of whatever it was that was bothering me.
Additionally, Aaron and a colleague of his in California, successfully helped me regain my sense of smell after having lost it for nearly a decade! Something that my allergist and ENT doctors had failed to do in a systematic way. He and his colleague gave me herbal formulas, lifestyle recommendations and acupuncture treatments that were so effective in treating my chronic sinusitis and alleviating my dust-mite allergy that I was able to cancel a sinus surgery and stop using my steroid nasal spray completely.
I have been seeing Aaron for a few years now for a multitude of issues and I will continue to do so.”
EY (yelp)

“I can not express how grateful I am for the results Aaron was able help me achieve. I had been on very strong antibiotics for nearly a full month with no success or cure in sight for my digestive issues. After just two visit and 24 hours of taking the supplements Aaron recommended, I received results I hadn’t from any other Doctor in over three months. I was almost in disbelief that my symptoms had subsided after just 24 hours, and still a month later I have had no relapse. I was on the verge of requesting a short term leave from my job, my illness was wrecking havoc on my daily life. Aaron was able to provide me reassurance and guidance at a time I felt I had no other options. Again, as I said before I can’t thank him enough for the results he was able to help me achieve.”
Kelly (yelp)

“After 3 years of dealing with post stroke symptoms I was able to focus on my healing thanks to Aaron. His Zen atmosphere, total knowledge of what acupuncture and chinese medicine and even the tone of his voice is enough for me to go back time after time. Always looking forward for my appointments and what i get out of them. .He dont focus only on my issue at the moment but on you as a human being.
I never recommend anyone but this is something I will love to share so people know there is hope.”
Sal (yelp)

“I highly recommend Aaron for acupuncture. As I have used acupuncture in the past, I know what to expect. Aaron was highly professional, spent a lot of time getting to know me and discuss my symptoms, and the treatment was amazing. I felt so great afterwards! He also recommended dietary and herbal supplements, and as I am a Registered Dietitian I know that what he recommended is safe. I am looking forward to my next session with Aaron!”
Beryl (yelp)

“I am so grateful that Aaron is in Philadelphia. My life is never going to be the same again after getting to experience the real good yoga and good acupuncture. As a Chinese, brought up in the part of China where acupuncture is popular, I was positively surprised how much Aaron contributes to the goodness of the treatment compared to my past experiences. With his great training and extensive practice in Asian, no doubt he excels in skills, and is truly versatile in his knowledge. He also truly cares about his patients’ well-beings; he is honest with whatever tools he decides to employ; and he is so dedicative to it.

If you have never tried, give it a try. I am very confident that you will be glad that you would have done it.”
Ting (yelp)

“I saw Aaron for acupuncture while I lived in Philly consistently over the course of 1.5 years. I had extreme inflammation in my hand, to the point where I could not hold a glass without dropping it. Regular MD’s could not help me, but Aaron completely relieved my pain within a few sessions. I also have had consistent skin issues that Aaron has helped alleviate with his wide knowledge of herbal medicine. I am so grateful for Aaron and his wonderful services and would recommend him to anyone interested in alternative medicine.”

Lauren (google)

“After a period of academic and work stress, followed by a stint of travel, I was having recurring low grade headaches and acid indigestion. A session with Aran Cashman was just what I needed to re-set my system. Not only did I get a great acupuncture session, but he also took the time to explore possible causes and recommend herbs and practices that I can do on my own in between treatments. I will be back for sure!”

Kate (google)


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Dr. Aaron Cashman
Dr. Aaron Cashman
Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist
(DAOM, L.OM., M.S., DiplOM, CYT)